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Music Game - Sir Prize - 06-17-2011

I am surprised I did not see this thread here since it is a game that contains my two out of my three favourite things in the world, and sometimes the third.

Music and games.

So, what you do is you post a link to a song, youtube or some other site. And then the person below will rate it and post another song.

For example:
Person1: omgomgomgomg sux 1/10 *posts song*
Person2: Nom nom, pretty good. 7/10 *posts song*
And so on...

I'll post the first song and then the next person rates it and posts their own song. Preferably you wait two or three posts before you rate again so it's not just the two same people playing the game.

Please, if you cannot stand it, just watch the video and read the lyrics.

RE: Music Game - Cell - 06-17-2011

Meh, i'm not a metal fan whatsoever. But that may appeal to others who love Metal


Old song, But an all-time favorite.

RE: Music Game - StayPuff - 06-17-2011

<3 Ultimate Showdown. 10/10

Here is the next song:

RE: Music Game - Sir Prize - 06-17-2011

8/10 Didn't like the rap at the start, but aside from that, awesome song! All the youtube videos had shitty quality.

RE: Music Game - Cell - 06-17-2011

7/10 Good Guitar, Didn't like the voice though.

I choose the one without the actual Music video, To sexual for Forums.
Quite a funny song, not sure why.

(I know i'm supposed to wait a few post, just had to put this up before i left.)

RE: Music Game - Sir Prize - 06-19-2011

6/10 A classic, but nothing special.

RE: Music Game - Cerce - 06-20-2011

Eh, 6/10. Music is quite epic... but screamo? It's just about the only type of singing where you can listen to a piece of absolutely awesome music, and yet not hear a thing.
Think about it.

Oh, wait, I take that back, Rap is kinda the same in that aspect...

RE: Music Game - MainDigger - 06-20-2011

6/10. It is quite a good song actually but we got a swedish artist who ruined the song.
Search for: "Darin - Viva La Vida" if you want to look it up.

RE: Music Game - Spammuff - 06-20-2011

Bringing Gorrilaz Back into your lives!

RE: Music Game - istoOi - 06-20-2011

Clint Easwood is better but i give it 5 points

Back to Metal with "Six from All that remains"