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RE: king of the hill - geckosquid - 05-05-2012

I take a shovel, dig under the hill and force field, hit Gandalf over the head with it, and take the hill for myself, shovel in hand.

RE: king of the hill - asdfasdflkjty911 - 05-11-2012

(impossible, the force field forms a circle around the hill, did you not read this!? :O

RE: king of the hill - Cell - 05-11-2012

(Then I shall take it, hmm?)
With your force-field around the hill, nothing can get in or out. Oxygen slowly starts to deplete from the hill, causing Gandalf to pass out and the force-field to waver. I then walk up the hill, and smack you across the head with Gecko's shovel. The hill is now mine.

RE: king of the hill - Leech - 05-12-2012

I groggily hit you over the head with a grizzly bear, who then guards the hill for me

RE: king of the hill - bvcxzmn - 05-12-2012

The grizzly bear then eats you because it thinks you are a fish, it then walks away to find more fish to eat. I take the opportunity to climb the hill and make an indestructible bedrock fortress covered in 16 blocks thick of lava and surrounded by 1000 loyal dovahkiin who will Fus Ro Dah anything in sight.

RE: king of the hill - partyars - 05-12-2012

Grizzly taken care of, I'm sending her after you next.
My hill.

RE: king of the hill - Leech - 01-14-2013

I dig out the area under the hill and watch it fall (think Ace of Spades). I take the remaining dirt and build a 1x1 towers and conquer it

RE: king of the hill - devilquak - 01-14-2013

I move to Arlen, Texas, and become a propane salesman. I then become the King of the Hill, with a life so uptight and boring that no one would dare follow in my footsteps.

RE: king of the hill - bvcxzmn - 01-15-2013

I determined that devil is now not a threat to capturing the hill, and that there is not much of a hill left thanks to leech. So I decide to build the hill up before conquering it by sending an asteroid down from space onto leech's 1x1 tower, crushing leech and his tower. However, I made sure to slow down the asteroid just before impact so that it only crushed leech and his tower and left a nice new hill of space rock for me to be the king of. Also, I become a god to all humans who watched this and am feared and worshiped all around the earth.

RE: king of the hill - iDieForEXP - 01-15-2013

Good thing that my mind's controlled by a blind squirrel. Using your newfound fame against you, I build a temple for you away from the hill. You come down to live in luxury while I clamber up the hill and dig a hole to live in.