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RE: king of the hill - Leech - 01-15-2013

I build a catapult, round up a number of freshman, feed them Mexican, wait approximately 1.5 hours, and began my siege, launching the freshman at you at a rate of 6 a minute. The bodies of the landing freshmen let out an odor that none can withstand, and you are forced out of the hole and off the hill. I put on a gas mask and claim the smelly hill for myself, the stench still thick in the air.

RE: king of the hill - Crashlander04 - 01-16-2013

I walk inside with an electric fan and a noseplug, proceed to beat up leech, kick him out of the fort, turn on the electric fan and blow away the odor, follow leech outside, beat him up again, then go home leaving the hill vacant.

RE: king of the hill - iDieForEXP - 01-16-2013

I step back on the hill, completely confident that nothing will happen to me.

RE: king of the hill - Leech - 01-16-2013

I obtain Quik-rete and a helicopter, and begin dropping the non-solidified concrete onto iDie. Depending on the drying speed of Quik-rete, I ether get a cool iDie statue or a not so cools smashed body of iDie. I put a couple of barbed wire fences around the hill, and stand on it, prepared to use my iDie statue as cover

RE: king of the hill - lordgodfrey - 01-16-2013

And I'll just come nuke the hill.


RE: king of the hill - tcaillet - 01-16-2013

But then I wate 100 years come back after the radiation has gone away and build a new hill and sit in my wheel chair hoping not to die of old age.

RE: king of the hill - sethd13 - 01-17-2013

I walk up the hill, you ring a bell, you explode.

I dig a 2x1 hole in the hill and hide

RE: king of the hill - iDieForEXP - 01-17-2013

I put a sider on top of your hole, and sit on the spider.

RE: king of the hill - Crashlander04 - 01-17-2013

All in favour of banning godfrey from this game?

did I mention he made the video 'eye of the spider' and you should all laugh at him?

RE: king of the hill - bvcxzmn - 01-18-2013

Bad crash, bad. I throw crash onto you so you fall into the hole. The spider suffocates in the ground and you are stuck in the hole with seth and crash because you can`t break any blocks in there. I pour lava down the hole and claim the hill as my own.