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RE: king of the hill - Spammuff - 10-24-2011


RE: king of the hill - partyars - 10-24-2011

the reguritated hill was soggy from your stomach juices and when you jump on it to claim it, you break trough the partly hardened surface into the still partially liquid inside. you can't get out anymore and in a week time the hill solidifies with you in it. after a month or so when the smell isn't that bad anymore, I claim the hill. some say that when you put your ear to the ground, you can still hear the scraping of your fingernails against the inside of the hill, trying to escape but of no avail.

RE: king of the hill - TehCthulhu - 10-24-2011

I declare the hill and surrounding areas my manifest destiny and make you walk a trail of tears down the hill so I can stand atop it.

RE: king of the hill - Crazylol5 - 10-24-2011

I shoot myself in the head with a .44 magnum, I end up in heaven only to see that it is full of hills that I can now be king of.

RE: king of the hill - tristo999 - 10-25-2011

Sadly if you shoot yourself you go to hell..... xD
So Tristo gets all of crazys hills.

RE: king of the hill - Leech - 10-25-2011

I use a large jugglypuff to make the hills sleep, which causes them to droop, which makes you fall off.

RE: king of the hill - squiggley1 - 10-25-2011

I then give the pills caffeine shots and cause them to immediatley perk up. I then take out a syringe of black mamba venom and stab it into gecko's neck thus causing a chain of confusion and death as I hunt down all of the owners of the hill and star company... afterwords I pick up the pieces of the company and rebuild it in my image Laugh

RE: king of the hill - Leech - 10-25-2011

I feed you a poptart laced with anthrax, and then you die, and I build it in the image of Charles Nelson Reilly, where he can protect me

RE: king of the hill - squiggley1 - 10-25-2011

I'm a zombie with free will Laugh I eat you and resume my frightful place as owner of star and hill company.

RE: king of the hill - Leech - 10-25-2011

I do an internet, which blows you off the hill, and I reclaim it for myself, my senile cat by my side. No one would hurt an elderly cat. NOBODY