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Application - chezzburger21 - cheezburger21 - 07-16-2012


Minecraft Name:chezzburger21
Previous RP experiences: skyrim
Have you played on any other servers? Why did you leave?:Yes, not as good as kiwike
What feature of Kiwike are you most interested in?:Nations
How did you hear about Kiwike:Brother


Character Name:Billy Bob
Spawn Location (Khulu Desert, Orraku Fields, Icenfjord, Aridian Jungle):Icenfjord

General Background Information: Billy was born in the land of Jafroj. Billy's mom died giving birth to him. When Billy was 6, a man came to his house and tried to rob them of what little they had. His father, desperate to save Billy, was killed as he fought of the attacker.On that day Billy swore to avenge his father and kill the robber. He was then taken in by his uncle who lived just outside of Kiwike. His uncle was a merchant and farmer. Billy was raised to tend fields and to farm. On Billy's 18 birthday he moved from his uncle's farm to Kiwike in search of a better life, and for revenge.

Physical Condition/Description (what do they look like, what do they wear, all physical elements of a character):Billy has short blonde hair and a brown beard with black eyes. He has tanned olive skin from farming. He is tall and strong. He wears blue work jeans, a baggy red linen shirt with a green belt, a straw hat, and work boots.

What is your character's main objective? What do they wish to gain out of this experience of living?: Billy's main objective in life is to gain knowledge and help the world gain peace, wisdom, and to avenge his father.

Picture of your minecraft skin (Should fit your character description):
[Image: chezzburger21.png]

RE: Application - chezzburger21 - sethd13 - 07-16-2012

(07-16-2012, 18:03)cheezburger21 Wrote: What is your character's main objective? What do they wish to gain out of this experience of living?: Billy's main objective in life is to gain knowledge and help the world gain peace nad wisdom, AND to find the man who killed his father.

(Trust me it's what they want)

RE: Application - chezzburger21 - Saera - 07-17-2012

It feels like the story is a bit lacking, like there is something more you can add to the story. Perhaps you can tell us why did he decide to leave the farm and venture out? Was he tired of being a simple farmer? Does he want to seek revenge?

RE: Application - chezzburger21 - cheezburger21 - 07-17-2012

thanks seara Smiley

RE: Application - chezzburger21 - ivorybloodsh3d - 07-17-2012

Broski, I think the background info should be more detailed. I have a few ideas I can talk to you about today.

RE: Application - chezzburger21 - Saera - 07-18-2012

Your story does indeed need a little more flesh in it. Read up on the other accepted applications to get an idea.

RE: Application - chezzburger21 - ivorybloodsh3d - 07-18-2012

Saera, chezzburger is my brother, is it okay if I work on the application for him?

RE: Application - chezzburger21 - Crazylol5 - 11-13-2013


RE: Application - chezzburger21 - geckosquid - 11-13-2013


RE: Application - chezzburger21 - bvcxzmn - 11-14-2013

Ahhhh, this reminds me of the days when I thought Skyrim was RPing. Fun times, fun times... Wait, not really... Being a noob isn't fun... But still, Nostalgia.