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2 year anniversary! - yottabyte - 11-10-2012

Hey everyone! It's our second anniversary! The server has been up 24/7 for two years now!

The Past

Two years ago, I bought the first VPS we ever had, it was a cheap $10 server that could host about 20 players as most. Back then there was duplication bugs, lots of hackers, no Bukkit (hMod anyone?), no logging plugins. These were the days before our first real dedicated map.

[Image: qVEuL.jpg]

The Present

The days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months. Our generous and ever growing community kept the server running for way longer than I had ever thought it would and here we stand today. A lot of players have been here for well more than a year and even with all the inactivity and technical difficulties we've gone through for the past 24 months they keep coming back. We are eternally thankful for the players who stick with Kiwike and make it what it is.

The current Kiwike world is the fourth map iteration (not counting temporary maps) and we believe it's the best one so far. With Minecraft growing so rapidly it's hard to get the server out there and noticed though, so the numbers of players has unfortunately been struggling but now comes the next part.

The Future

We have lots of ideas on how to improve the server and attract even more dedicated players in the future. Some things to be mentioned:

BaconTruck: coming this weekend!
Attach chests to saddled pigs and deliver goods all around the Kiwike world, with custom recipes to craft speed boost carrots on sticks.

Automated community events
Fight the Ender Dragon or the Wither with friends and/or enemies by attending a community event that will start automatically every few hours.

Thriving income additions
No one wants paper anymore! Raw bacon is the new big thing! Sell various items to special market NPCs to gain great wealth for limited amounts of time. Get your farming on!

Get trading!
A new shop system is coming to Kiwike that lets players set up shops that other players can buy from even when the owner is offline.

In-depth battles and wars
The next great thing in Kiwike, build your armies and fight wars between nations/towns!

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who continues to play on Kiwike and support the server! : D

RE: 2 year anniversary! - Cell - 11-10-2012

Wonderful, Just Wonderful.

Who is the oldest remaining player on Kiwike, besides yourself Yottabyte? If you can figure that out, of course.

Happy Birthday, Kiwike.

RE: 2 year anniversary! - iDieForEXP - 11-10-2012

Hooray! I've stuck with this server for 9 months, and I can say it was all definitely worth it. For all the crap people give the staff, they (generally) get things done in a timely manner and remain friendly to the playerbase. Our community is well developed, although not as big as we'd like it to be, and things are on the rise with a hopeful look towards the future of rp here. Here's to you, Kiwike. And a many more.

RE: 2 year anniversary! - Crashlander04 - 11-11-2012

<3 yay

RE: 2 year anniversary! - sethd13 - 11-11-2012

Long live kiwike

RE: 2 year anniversary! - Ian25 - 11-11-2012

Woo hMod! Like iDie said, even with all the crap given to the staff, the server is still here and I still like it.

Cheers to the future ahead.

RE: 2 year anniversary! - sethd13 - 11-11-2012

Even though a large portion of the server are douchebags or hate me, I love the community here.

RE: 2 year anniversary! - Gira - 11-11-2012

Chests on pigs? Ell yeeeaaa

RE: 2 year anniversary! - sethd13 - 11-11-2012

Can you code the bacontruck thing to place a chest with the items in it when the pig dies?

RE: 2 year anniversary! - yottabyte - 11-11-2012

(11-11-2012, 00:22)sethd13 Wrote: Can you code the bacontruck thing to place a chest with the items in it when the pig dies?

It drops a chest as well as all the contents when the pig is killed Smiley