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No backspace thread - bvcxzmn - 12-03-2012

I give Android full credit with the idea of this game. The concept is that when you make a post, you are not allowed to press backspace, delete, select words or letters you have already typed and type over them, or delete any text you write in any way. You are also not allowed to use the arrow keys or mouse to put extra letters/words/etc... in places that you have already typed, nor are you allowed to use spell check. You are allowed to go as off topic as you want, but I will start the thread with an idea simply to give the thread some purpose to start with. After this point, no delete key, etc... and remember, no cheating!

What is the funniest thign you have everf seen on the internet?

RE: No backspace thread - Cell - 12-03-2012

What is the funniest thing I have ever seen on the Internet? Well, that would have to be onn google images, the picture of the fox licking a window stating "Firefox has encountered a problem with Windows.". What about the rest of you folks?

(Sidenote, this is hard as hell to do. My mind is programmed to press backspace without thinking when I know I got a word wrong while typing.)

RE: No backspace thread - Android - 12-03-2012

This originated in the staff chat, by the way, and we're still continuing with it. So far, so good!

RE: No backspace thread - Gira - 12-03-2012

What the fuck is happening here , let's all just eat some icemcrea and chill.

RE: No backspace thread - Cell - 12-03-2012

Android has not made a spelling error as of yet... shall we wait and see?

RE: No backspace thread - sethd13 - 12-03-2012

fuck the police thats how i treat em.
walls make me happy they keep the scary banditos away frum meh golds

RE: No backspace thread - bvcxzmn - 12-03-2012

I klove how this thread offers great insite into peoples minds and efeelings!

RE: No backspace thread - sethd13 - 12-03-2012

I kill babies for fun. I love how anderco got banned for xraying he was mean to me and bullied me in real life(mot really he was not anywhere near big enough to hurt meh) he was a cyber bully doe and he told sammie and I's friend to kill himself that aiant right, MAke s me want to throw a baby, or a bambi holla for FRANKIE.

RE: No backspace thread - lordgodfrey - 12-03-2012

Weird tehread is weird, gaaaah I was supposed to write thread over there, but then I wro...... GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH /ragequit.

Godfrey over and ouyt.

RE: No backspace thread - Leech - 12-03-2012

TEvery single post on the Kiwike homepage is fromn this thread. It's like that "Name Who's Next" threadf all over again, excewpt with closer to an actual puropsose