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Sad News and things such as these. - yottabyte - 12-31-2012

Greetings gentlemen. It's been a while since anything really happened around here. Sorry. Here's what up.

What's been happening

Kiwike: Revamped got to a stalemate as the staff got quite bored of the project itself. The fundamental structure of the server had then been in the planning stage for over a year and we still couldn't figure out what to do with the advanced warfare merging with role-play and such. Many of our old members got tired of the game it self and we were left with a small community and an even smaller server.

A decision was made to split Kiwike into two servers, one hardcore RP server which would take on the roleplaying part of Revamped, and one server more similar to the old "Kiwike 2.0" server with a focus on PvP and community. The latter server was pretty quick to get running as we already had most of the basic plugins from Revamped. What we didn't realize at the time though was that Kiwike 2.0 happened way back when Minecraft was in it's prime. The overall interest for the vanilla game and survival servers has been drying out since then, something we weren't all that aware of after having lived under our roleplaying shell.

[Image: 6IpZf.png]

The amount of new players joining the server was few, the amount of people that stuck around even fewer. The lack of direction on the server bored most players who were looking for something outside vanilla Minecraft. Then it was back to the drawing board for the staff. We discussed many possibilities (against popular belief) but were unable to settle for one option. Once again, we were back digging the same hole we had been digging on the Revamped project, trying to find the perfect organized PvP experience.

Both staff and community was limited. First I should probably explain my personal situation as the de facto owner of Kiwike. I started a new school this year and knew I would have way less time for administrating Kiwike. However, our ambitious projects would require a lot of plugin developing. General ambition and motivation within the staff as a whole has been pretty bad for a long time and that includes myself. Lack of freetime for Kiwike and also a declining interest in the game itself meant little progress on the project.

Our economy has been pretty stable thanks to some fundraisers we did back in Revamped and Kiwike 2.0 but that has also been seeing a decline since last summer's activity spike. We still have enough to pay for the web hosting for well over a year but we'd like to keep savings and not put that into paying for a server capable of hosting over 70 consecutive players when we rarely have over 20. This brings me to the next point.

What is happening

So with the lack of activity, general interest in the game and the server, motivation within the staff and funding, we have decided to cancel the dedicated server (

The server will be shut down on January 4th, 2013. Meanwhile, I will be transferring all old worlds and databases to the webserver.

What will happen

This is still unknown. I can't say what will happen to geckosquid's RP server project nor the main Kiwike server. Our webserver is capable of hosting a very small Minecraft server as well, probably no more than 15 slots though. The Kiwike server might keep running on there if there is any interest in the community. The website will stay up for as long as we have visitors and money for it. There might be a new server coming up if we have some amazing idea for some new groundbreaking Minecraft experience. Considering the official API constantly being delayed and modding support lacking, the odds for that are pretty high though.

I don't know what's going on but I figured I should make a post about it.


- Minecraft server doing bad overall, will not be fixed after several tries
- Dedicated server being cancelled in a few days
- Dunno what will happen now lol

Finally, I'd like to say a late Happy Holidays to everyone and wish you a great new year. It's been a great two years. Sure, the community might be a bit broken sometimes but we keep coming back here! I've gotten to know so many awesome people through Kiwike and learnt so much about hosting, developing, english, organizing, macerating etc. Also wasted lots of time. Anyway, love you guys, peace out. Hope this post wasn't too messy. This isn't the end, we're just getting our shit together. :>

RE: Sad News and things such as these. - skote11 - 12-31-2012

Lets just play steam games together? Smiley

RE: Sad News and things such as these. - Crashlander04 - 12-31-2012

Some of the best friendships we'll ever have were on Kiwike. Damn shame.

RE: Sad News and things such as these. - devilquak - 12-31-2012

But I just got here...

RE: Sad News and things such as these. - Android - 12-31-2012

Two years and eight days for me - can't say that was a waste of time; I learned a lot from everyone!

RE: Sad News and things such as these. - Cell - 12-31-2012

Two years...

I'm amazed at how far its made it, yet sad that it fell from its perch. I hope something happens with Kiwike that can rekindle the fire...

RE: Sad News and things such as these. - iDieForEXP - 12-31-2012

Dangit! Why couldn't it last until February... Love all you guys Sad

RE: Sad News and things such as these. - squiggley1 - 12-31-2012

Everything must come to an end.

Kiwike had a good run, a loyal community, and a lot of history. Very few servers can truly boast these things. I'm proud that I was a part of it, and you guys should be as well.

RE: Sad News and things such as these. - sethd13 - 12-31-2012

[Image: 5t7wy.jpg]

I will miss you Kiwike.

RE: Sad News and things such as these. - Crazylol5 - 12-31-2012


now for the less sad people: