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SoC: III - yottabyte - 11-21-2013

This book has been retrieved from the deep archives of Kiwike. Now please threaten DJ to read it, so we can have it in audio book format.

SoC: III by Crazylol5 Wrote:The epic conclusion to the Shades of Crazy Trilogy: Shades of Crazy Part III: The return of the fellowship of the jungle fappers.

The plot thickens.


As I am sitting here in my moist and humid room, I am writing this book for your pleasure. I could be outside shitting on lordgodfrey's face, but because of you, my readers, I have to sit here and write this fucking peice of shit

Chapter One: Genesis

When Lordgodrey first opened the gates to life -by that I mean his mother's Va-gai-gai, but that's not really appropiate to say- he did not expect his life
to go like this. When he was just 10 years old the lands in which he lived, which were the lands of Kiwike, were attacked by evil neoliberal cowboy hawaian space nazis. He hid himself under his mother's bed everyday, so that when the evil neoliberal cowboy hawaian space nazis attacked, he would be safe. But when they attacked, he wasn't safe. The commander in Chief of the nazis was DJ. As he walked into lordgodfrey's home and raped and killed and re-raped his mother, lordgodfrey went to the kitchen to get
a knife. But when he arrived in the kitchen he saw that extremely poor homeless person Rathrok had been stealing his knives in order to sell them to hookers for drug money. Rathrok saw lordgodfrey and decided that it was time to light up a fag.
The problem with this was that he took the word fag too literal and he lit DJ on fire. The general of the evil teddybean nazi outerspace indians extravaganza was furious and he cursed Rathrok. Also he pissed on lordgodfrey's mom's dead body.

Chapter 2: Unreal's hairy eastern-European ballsack.

Rathrok and Lordgodfrey knew they had to flee from this evil man, so they fled, because that is the logical step to take jesus fuck do I have to explain everything
you suck. When they arrived at the Sausage fest bar at the local village, they saw two men getting into an heated argument. 'Damn you, crost, why are you not shaving your ballsack?' one of the men screamed. 'Because I am proud of my
heritage!' the other man replied in a deep Russian accent. Then, suddenly penis. Rathrok and Lordgodfrey decided to support the Eastern-European man in his argument and claimed that hairy ballsacks are quite fun to look at and they feel very
comfortable in the hand. The man was convinced and commited bloody suicide. 'Thanks' the other man said. 'I'm Unreal, the residential Eastern-European cumdumpster, who are you two? Oh yeah, and thanks for killing my Swedish pimp, Main, now
I can finally be free!'
Rathrok and Lordgodfrey quickly tied Unreal up before he could be free. But before they knew it, the police had arrived.

Chapter 3: What seems to be the officer, problem?

Two police officers entered the gay bar. 'Hello, we're officer Leech and officerrette Saera, and we would like to ask you some questions.'
Rathrok wanted to stay calm but then
his pants flew off and he placed his genitalia on Saera's head. 'Would you please refrain from putting you genitalia on my co-worker?' Officer Leech said. 'She only does things like this off-duty.' But it was almost like Rathrok's penadoodle720noscoper
had it's own will and it entered Saera. Lordgordfrey panicked and shot Rathrok in the balls. 'Ow, motherfucker, you shot him in the fucking dick what the fuck' said Saera. Lordgodfrey was then thrown into jail and Rathrok died of sperm-loss.

Chapter 4: Jailtime blues

Lordgodfrey ended up in Kiwike Country Analrape Detention center, where he spend most of his time getting anally raped in the showers. One day, when godfrey was being raped, the raper told him that he would
help Lordgodfrey to escape, together with his friend. Lordgodfrey and Alex and Gecko met up in the showers all buttnaked and they fled the prison because getting jailed (or banned) in Kiwike doesn't mean shit and you'll easily be let back into society.

Chapter 5: Exodus

Lordgodfrey was finially free and as he walked out of the prison he remembered that he was still naked. He quickly killed Alex and made pants out of his skin. Gecko and Lordgodfrey then went over to the evil nazi big bang gansta yolo
spaceship and they decided to take it over. But then, an evil man named Tyrone stopped them. 'Ay yo motherfucka' my name is Whitey and if youse gon' fuckin' go in youse gon' go by me fucka''. Lordgofrey started an epic pokebattle with the afro-American but he was already on his 5th pokemon when Whitey was still on his 1st. But then Rathrok came back from the dead and died again and also Yotta was somewhere in Kiwike and that needs to be mentioned before I get banned. But then Lordgodfrey killed the evil
black person and he went to the main building of the ship thing (the ship kinda looked like a penis lol mature humor) and then he found the great master douchebaginator DJ had ressurected but lordgodfrey was just in time to enter his anal cavity.

Chapter 6: What the fuck is this there are no chapters after the exodus you dickwad

It was dark and moist in Dj's cavities and lordgodfrey couldn't handle the way too large amount of SHITE. There was just so much SHITE inside of DJ. Even when he
talked all that came out of his mouth was PURE FUCKING SHITE.
But then Lordgodfrey met up with the other rats living inside of DJ's brown mile and they went and escaped. They ripped open his glory hole and got out. DJ then immediately died of cholera.

Chapter 7: This is the end.

Lordgodfrey stood in the middle of the spaceship. He slowly sighed and felt relived that the epic adventure that he had was finally over. Then a fucking lawnmower drove over his head and everyone in this entire story came back from the dead and raped lordgodfrey at the same time (they improvised holes.). Lordgodfrey drowned in bodily fluids.


'This last part of this epic trilogy is the best yet. I shat myself in pleasure.'
-The Guardian

'Yo man what the fuck is going on I'm so high shit'
-Condoleeza Rice

'I died. I fucking died. Please don't let me read this again.'
-Terrorist after being forced to read this book in Guantanamo Bay

'We want more, you asshole.'
-Vladimir Putin

'I'm fucking serious, if I don't see a new book I wil come to your house and shove my gasprom into your mother.'
-Vladimir Putin

RE: SoC: III - geckosquid - 11-22-2013

DJ, if you don't read this, we will improvise holes.

RE: SoC: III - Crazylol5 - 11-22-2013


RE: SoC: III - Unreal22 - 09-08-2014


'We want more, you asshole.'
-Vladimir Putin

'I'm fucking serious, if I don't see a new book I wil come to your house and shove my gasprom into your mother.'
-Vladimir Putin

RE: SoC: III - lordgodfrey - 09-09-2014

First time reading this through, realizing it's all about me...

RE: SoC: III - lordgodfrey - 05-24-2017

This was some fucked up shit