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ArcheAge anyone? - partyars - 09-30-2014

Are there any mmo players here? Do you play or have you heard of ArcheAge? What do you think of it?

I started playing yesterday on the Nebe eu server as a firran and I'm quite overwhelmed by what it has to offer. It's a sandbox mmo and quite expansive. The map is huge, there's naval warfare etc, house and farm building, tons of crafting and combat skills which don't lock down so you can mix and match.

There's a justice system where if you steal or murder someone, a randomly selected jury will decide if you're guilty or not and if you are you get jailtime, which you can escape from. You can even become a pirate.


RE: ArcheAge anyone? - spenboy - 09-30-2014

I find the game really fun, but i've only played like 30 minutes. I do like how you can do almost anything on there, and the only real problem i have with it is that it's too popular, and not enough servers are available to support that.

RE: ArcheAge anyone? - partyars - 10-03-2014

That's true, it needs more servers, and locking character creation on populated servers was a stupid thing to do, but right now I'm on one of the new servers which almost never goes on queue.

RE: ArcheAge anyone? - spenboy - 10-15-2014

It is free though, so i definitely recommend that everyone play it. If something has issues, people care less when it's free.

RE: ArcheAge anyone? - asdfasdflkjty911 - 10-16-2014

guys just play wow its the only mmo thats good (: c: <:

RE: ArcheAge anyone? - yottabyte - 10-16-2014

Hadn't really heard of it until this thread. Then a friend told me he plays it all the time and it's amazing. MMOs are such a time sink though. Waiting for the first VR MMO before I try another one.

RE: ArcheAge anyone? - spenboy - 10-29-2014

So i finally started seriously playing this game. It has a really unique class system which allows players to choose from 120 different classes. I'm only level 10, but i already have a mount, a glider, have decided on my class (Skull Knight ftw), and have developed a small secluded farm. Now that i have played it, i must say i definitely recommend people try this free mmo.