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Online - yottabyte - 07-03-2015

We discussed this months ago. I still don't have very powerful hardware, but I do have a good uplink. I don't expect the server to be very active, so I reckon this might work anyway.

We have a fresh 1.8 server running on

This is a small, cosy, friendly server. The world is thus currently limited to 512x512 blocks. Pvp is enabled though.

Note that I'm really not very invested in how Minecraft servers function nowadays. The server is currently very simple. We probably need some kind of protection, both for chests and buildings. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas on how we could improve the server from a technical standpoint, please tell us!


RE: Online - guthriearmstrong - 07-03-2015

CoreProtect is a rollback plugin I like to use. It doesn't require any MySQL setup by default, and handles block logging and rollbacks really easily.