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server n shit. - DjFuzz - 07-05-2015

Okay ya'll, basically what I want you to do is to comment what type of things you want from a Minecraft sever, what would make you come back to play Minecraft, and any ideas you have for a Minecraft server. pls k thnx. Shocked
I dont even no is anyone will comment ;-;

RE: server n shit. - lordgodfrey - 07-06-2015

Well a bigger world would help and maybe a few community builds or events.

RE: server n shit. - bvcxzmn - 07-06-2015

Easy to get into/use. New content/mechanics/etc.... RP. In order of importance.

RE: server n shit. - yottabyte - 07-07-2015

Honestly just want a basic server to mess around on when I feel like casually playing some survival minecraft. Nothing that you'd have to be logged in on for hours every day, worrying that you will be raided or whatever. So simple vanilla with some form of basic personal protection, like we had back in 2010-2011.