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Anyone still here? - sethd13 - 10-05-2015

Just wondering if any of you kept in contact with old Kiwike players.
Myself Tcaillet and Doggypwn play games daily.
I still talk to lavaa and asdf occasionally.

RE: Anyone still here? - yottabyte - 10-05-2015


RE: Anyone still here? - bvcxzmn - 10-06-2015

I check this forum too often...

RE: Anyone still here? - spenboy - 10-08-2015

i check it, but i'm always too scared to post

RE: Anyone still here? - MainDigger - 10-08-2015

I have the occasional talks with Crazy and Unreal. Been a couple of months since the last one though.

RE: Anyone still here? - partyars - 10-09-2015

I check back here every so often.

Sometimes i message old townmates or people who I enjoyed playing with to see how they're doing, mostly Spammuff and Loremaster and one other person whose name I've forgotten.

When the server resurrected I tried to get some folks together to start a town. Didn't come through as I've only seen the server active once. Does anyone still play on it?

I'm also preeetty sure I called some of you over skype while under influence of one thing or another. I'm not exactly proud of those days and since then I've gotten most of my life back on track.

I bought a ps4 yesterday and found out that Droid owns one too so we'll probably end up playing a bit of Destiny once I get to buyimg TTK. If anyone else has a ps4 feel free to add me if you like, name's Partyars.

RE: Anyone still here? - guthriearmstrong - 10-12-2015

We'll always be here.