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Kiwike StarMade server
09-04-2013, 23:13,
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Kiwike StarMade server
Hi everyone. Really sorry about the inactivity lately. Went back to school, real life busy, stuff, no Minecraft time, etc. The Minecraft server remains online although it's quite inactive at the moment. I don't plan on shutting it down, I'm just personally taking a break from Minecraft.

Now to more fun news.

There's this game called StarMade. You might have heard about it. Lots of Kiwike people have been playing it recently. I was approached about starting a Kiwike server for it. And so then that happened.

Kiwike now has a server for the StarMade alpha. The IP is sm.kiwike.se:4242

[Image: half-banner-3.png]

The server is mostly on default settings for now. I'm new to the game, k.

09-05-2013, 02:33,
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RE: Kiwike StarMade server
Thank you, yotta. Thank you.

09-05-2013, 23:31,
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RE: Kiwike StarMade server
yay. Let's all play Laugh
09-06-2013, 00:03,
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RE: Kiwike StarMade server
It turns out this dedicated server software keeps crashing a lot. I have written a script that will regularly check if the process is running and start the server automatically if it isn't. Hopefully will help with downtimes.

09-09-2013, 20:59,
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RE: Kiwike StarMade server
update it
09-10-2013, 00:04,
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RE: Kiwike StarMade server
It's okay everyone, I figured out how to update the dang server files.

09-11-2013, 19:58,
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RE: Kiwike StarMade server
Ther are no pirates or trading guild fix it pls

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