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This page is about the old Kiwike: Revamped server and is not in any way related to the current Kiwike servers.

Basic Info

Character Name:Alan

Gender: Male

Age: 25

General Background Information

Alan grew up in one of the poorer districts of a far away nation. Since his family was often short on money to pay he landlord, he was forced to sell his services as a hired-hand around the castles of the nation. As most young boy servants start off, Alan was assigned to basic lifting and chores. Over the years, this tiring work built Alan into a large, muscular servant. By the age of twenty he was given the job of guarding the royal airship docks. All jobs on the airdocks were very high paying, so for the next several months Alan's family was as well off as could be. On the day of the maiden voyage of the great ship the Nightmaker, Alan was summoned to the Overseer of the docks. The Overseer needed one more trained guard to go along on the great airship's journey. Considering this job meant a large bonus he could leave to his family in his temporary absence, he accepted and boarded the ship. Captain Vick greeted him once upon board, and proceeded to set up for the long journey ahead.

Unfortunately, the Nightmaker did not complete it's maiden voyage. A fluke stroke of lightning had set the airship alight, smothering the ship in smoke. Luckily, the Shipguard uniform he was given covered his face and prevented smoke from breaching the fabric. Even though Captain Vick had done his best to land the ship safely, Alan barely survived the crash into a large bay, being knocked unconscious by a blow to his head.

The next thing he knew, he awoke to find himself lying on an unfamiliar shore amongst debris and ashes.

Physical Condition/Description

His Shipguard uniform consists of a blue-hued hood and mask covering his face, and a matching tunic. Bracers for ceremonial decoration and protection are wrapped around his arms.

Character Objective

What do they wish to gain out of this experience of living?: He currently wants to find survivors of the crash and hopefully make his way back home somehow.