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Cerce Tentones

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This page is about the old Kiwike: Revamped server and is not in any way related to the current Kiwike servers.

Basic Info

Character Name: Cerce Eugene (Evangelina Maria Danielson) Tentones

Gender: Male - However, during one particularly... 'awkward' roleplay, Cerce was 'cursed' and turned into a woman for a month. Not my choice - but it did happen...

Age: How old is he/she? Approximately 27 - exact age unknown due to parental death and early childhood enslavement

Physical Description

Cerce Tentones is a relatively fit man, however he is not overly muscular. He bears the marks of the letters 'E.V.A.' just above his waist, on his back. His hair is a fiery red, unnaturally so, and cut flat-top style. His eyes are grey with a hint of blue. He usually appears innocently happy, if not content; however, it is obvious that he is more informed and calculating than he lets on.


Personality type of INFJ - Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging. For more information, please visit: - he also generally gravitates towards a 'Christian' religious viewpoint, if one exists within the universe. If one does not exist, he generally believes that he is the sole remaining follower of God, but does not speak much of his faith, other than that he should help the downtrodden whenever possible.


He favors wearing a kettle hat for armor on his head, as well as heraldic armor with surcoat over mail. When dressed casually, he adorns a simple attire of loose-fitting and comfortable clothes, usually black or red. He is often seen wearing a red cloak. Other equipment usually carried by Cerce is a thick, black leather-bound book with strange, silver-like lettering; a black box that cannot be opened except by the use of Cerce's left hand; a worn crossbow that looks as if it has seen extensive use; a simple short sword; a heavy heater shield; a bedroll; and a lumberjack's axe.


Cerce has no known inborn traits or abilities that exceed beyond normal ranges. It is, however, unknown by most that are not close to Cerce as to how he generally escapes death, and as to how his closest friends never suffer a mortal wound. ((SPOILER: Cerce killed a necromancer in backstory lore, and then killed this necromancer's reincarnation in game during a Kiwike 2.0 RP event. With the necromancer's knowledge, Cerce used the dark magic to combat evil with evil, believing that the reasoning behind the usage of said magic overrules the fact that it was intended for evil - similar to causing death in order to save a life, only here, he invokes Death in order to combat it and bring back those who have died. In three occasions, Cerce has lost to Death, and suffered immense mental trauma due to a close loved one's early demise each time. He has recovered from each occasion, but not without a price.))


A vast number of years ago, on a secluded archipelago far from civilized lands, men roamed. This particular collection of islands, named the Barbarian Isles by most outside of them, followed the set pattern of most early and barbaric civilizations, where the strong ruled over the weak. Eventually, tribes and nations were established, which in turn led to great wars, strife, and tribulations. In particular, the nation of Sarkom was the greatest in causing said wars.

Now; Sarkom was established some time before recorded history, and somehow managed to last into the age of history that we now find ourselves in. It was founded by a man named Sarkora, a great warrior and clan leader of the Blackrock clan, which controlled the major supply of coal in the region, and were great miners and smiths. Sarkora set up this nation based on the strong minority ruling over the weak majority, using slave labor to fuel his forges and expand his kingdom.

To the south of Sarkom, on another nearby island, lay the nation of Teevahna, which was comprised of demon-worshiping bands of brigands. Events occured where Sarkom and Teevahna eventually began to wage an endless war on each other; however, as time and war waged forever onward, both sides began to dwindle in number. As a result, both nations attempted to counteract this problem with slave soldiers fighting for their cause.

Maria Merkenly was one such slave for Sarkom. This woman was a rather attractive maid for the Blackrock clan of Sarkom that I mentioned earlier. She had become betrothed to a soldier in Teevahna before she was taken prisoner, and was with child. The soldier in question, Daniel Tentones, attempted to free her in one of the great many raids of the ongoing war... but died in the process. Eventually, Maria gave birth to a child whom she named Cerce Tentones, and then later died due to the childbirth. Cerce was taken in by the higher class of Blackrock and, while still considered a slave, was taught and treated like a son of the aristocracy - if indeed a high-class barbarian can be considered as such.

Years passed, and Cerce was well educated in the matters of politics, sciences, language, and some forms of architectural design. One day, however, something quite sinister happened. A man by the name of Nomanic Carver had, within the past months, achieved the status of adviser to the King Sarkora. As Cerce was performing his house laboring duties, he heard a loud 'thump' from the King's chambers. As he was just about to open the door, he overheard strange mutterings from inside the room, and he thought better of checking in on the King.

The event was forgotten of for a matter of weeks, but it soon became clear that the King had changed. Cerce eventually decided that something was wrong, and returned that night to the hallway outside the King's chambers. The same thump and incantation was heard for a second time. The next night, Cerce alerted the royal guards and laid in wait for sounds. Once he heard them; the guards broke in through the door. The site that met them was as follows.

The King lay on the floor, blood coming out of his mouth. Nomanic stood above him, reading from a scroll. A strange symbol had been drawn on the ground around Sarkora. Immediately, Nomanic shouted something, and the guards held their heads, screaming. Cerce quickly picked up a bow that one of the guards had dropped and promptly shot Nomanic in the skull; however, he fell strangely, and looked far too white to be normal upon his death. Cerce later concurred that this was a Necromancer, and that he most likely had not see the last of him.

A dear friend of Cerce woke him up in the middle of the night - his name was Boarus Merkenly, a fellow slave and nephew to his mother. Boarus informed Cerce that he had been branded a trator to the King for some reason, and that he needed to leave that night. And so Cerce took his friend's advice and left by boat, not quite sure as to where he was going.

A great storm took him and the little ship into itself, tossing and turning him about until he was unsure of which way he had come. By the end of the fourth day of such a storm, he found himself upon a great new land, called Calradia. It was here that he established the Kingdom of Cerantia, in an attempt to create a land where all would be free from slavery and war.

This was not to be. A number of other kingdoms that had already been put in place for quite some time rose up in opposition. Cerce was forced to abandon his cause temporarily, and returned to work at the field. Eventually, he had enough money to afford some decent weapons and armor, and enlisted in the local mercenary band, specifically, the Guild of Sword. There, he earned sizeable amounts of gold by bolstering other kingdom’s armies when they needed it. Although he loathed killing, he knew that manual labor did not pay nearly as much, and he needed all the money he could get in as short a time span as he could get it if he wished to buy enough land for others to live peacefully on.

As events would have it, the Desert Imperium, a local band of nomadic tribes that had recently invaded the continent, attacked the Guild of Sword, and overpowered the main base. Cerce and a ragtag assembly of others survived the assault, and Cerce was named the leader, as the former leader was killed in the assault. He again attempted to establish Cerantia, and was successfull to some extent. He reclaimed the main base of the Guild, and dubbed it Osvirklif Castle. From thence forth, Cerce expanded Cerantia as best he could, while simultaneously avoiding becoming the force of oppression he dreaded so severely.

Time continued to flow ever persistently, and Cerce had reached the age of 26. Wars had died down, and it was known by him that he would soon need a wife, let alone an heir. He laid eyes upon one Laurel Valentine, adopted sister of Cleric Armand Bayard Valentine, who was a local merchant-king that had established a great manor in the area. She was humble, Christian, and beautiful beyond comparison. It seemed as if she was the perfect match. They were wed two years later, in secrecy, to avoid their enemies. However, the enemies found out, and assaulted Laurel while she was with child.

Cerce was devastated, and seemed to ‘snap’. As Laurel was unconscious, he sought out those that attacked his wife, dishing out a swift revenge. Yet another woman entered the picture; Evangelina the Raven tracked Cerce down. At first, she was attracted to Cerce because he was unwilling, and married. Therefore, she knocked him unconscious and tied him down to a bed, attempting to force him to pleasure her. As a mark of ownership over him, she branded him with an iron bearing the letters ‘E.V.A.’, forever a reminder that he belonged to her. Cerce feigned submission to her, even seeming willing, but at the last moment bit down hard on her lip, and pulled a sword out of her sheath.

He quickly cut out of the ropes, and fought his way out of the room, not harming anyone permanently. Cerce was, at this point, beyond angry, and obviously out of his usual complacent state of mind. He tracked Evangelina down, knocked her unconscious, tied her to a horse, and rode the horse up to a castle known as Hellstone Keep. Battered and bloodied, Cerce beat her senseless, shouting at how evil she was, ignorant to his own depravity. After Evangelina shouted that Cerce need only look at himself to see evil, Cerce regained his state of mind, and let Evangelina go.

A week later, Laurel was still bedridden, and seemed to be loosing the will to live. Cerce had given up on the child and on her, and had signed the proper legal documents of divorce. He went to the chapel to pray for Laurel’s soul, only to find Evangelina in the chapel with him. They both simultaneously apologized to each other, and then simultaneously insisted that the other go first. Taking the initiative, Cerce explained that he was not in his right mind when he did the unspeakable actions to Evangelina, and that he truly was sorry. He pleaded with her for forgiveness, and stated that he would do anything to make it up to her – given that he could keep his purity.

Turning away, Evangelina broke out in tears. She exclaimed that she was the one in the wrong, and that she deserved the beating that had been dealt to her. All of her life, she had been trying to take love, which had never been truly given to her, through acts of debauchery and lust. Evangelina explained to Cerce that when she looked at him, she saw someone of purity, someone who held out for love at all costs. She stated that she wanted that, no matter how far she had to go to get it… but she realized she had gone too far.

Cerce was shocked at this startling realization. He understood now that this woman was treated worse than he was in slavery, for even during his servitude, he had been showed love by his fellow workers. Evangelina, on the other hand, had only been shown physical pleasure by those who either paid her, or by those that she had forced said pleasure upon. Cerce looked on her with pity, and attempted to console her. He promised that he would always be there for her, and that if she needed anything, she need but ask.

As time went on, a relationship formed between the two of them. Evangelina repented of her old ways, and vowed never to return to them. Cerce grew more accepting of Evangelina’s past, and began to affectionately call her ‘Eva’, referencing her branding mark upon him. By the time Cerce reached 29, they married. However, a sect of war-loving demon worshipers, known as the Domain of the Blood God, declared unrestricted and total war upon the entire continent. Evangelina was killed, and Cerce was gravely wounded. He boarded a small ship in an attempt to flee, only to fall into a deep slumber and arrive in yet another new land…

(I've left some very major and important events that occurred back in Sarkom and elsewhere out of this, as well as how he exactly came to being there. I'd encourage you to get to know him in-game if you want to know the full details...)