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This page is about the old Kiwike: Revamped server and is not in any way related to the current Kiwike servers.

Basic Info

Character Name: Inkscale

Gender: Neutral, but prefers to be referred to as "he".

Age: 274

General Background Information

Once, in a land far from Kiwike, there lived a tribe called the Gekk. The Gekk held a deep respect for all Gekk-Kraviin, or "Scale-Wearers". As a tribute to their deity, Gekk-va-Ro-Kaa (meaning "Scale-covered-being-within"*), the Gekk built five reptilian effigies on five mountaintops that each held within the spirit of a scaleless creature.

Upon Yr-Vyyn (Reaches-Sky), they built a lizard with the spirit of an Enderman.

Upon Miin-Ket (Cloud-Bathed), they erected a dragon with the spirit of a slime.

Upon Taar-Ün (Void-Protruding), a serpent with the spirit of a Silverfish was created.

Upon Yaa-Tyn (Cragged-Spire) was built a turtle with the spirit of a Cat.

Finally, upon Gek-Ko (Home-Peak), an effigy depicting a lizard with the spirit of a squid was built.

These effigies, however, could not be viewed in their full glory due to the weakness of the light bestowed upon them by their sun. Therefore, the Gekk prayed to Gekk-va-Ro-Kaa in hopes that a solution would be provided to their predicament. The deity heard the pleas of his supplicants, spreading her mighty wings to reflect the weak light of their sun off her brilliant scales and onto the effigies. All of the figures were lit up with a beautiful, nearly blinding glow, and great shadows were cast upon the ground as a result. The heat of the sun, however, caused the deity to burst into a shimmering rain of scales, which spread all over the land. As soon as the scales touched the shadows cast by the effigies, though, something entirely unexpected happened. The scales hugged the shapes of the shadows, lifting them upwards and forming around them. Soon, five reptiles stood on five mountains, each born from shadow and endowed with the awesome power of their deity's scales. Each reptile soon found that they each had special abilities that corresponded with the non-scaled animals at their core. Enderscale, as he came to be called, could manipulate darkness and teleport at will. Slimescale, the dragon, could split into hundreds of identical, smaller dragons, each just as fearsome as the original. Silverscale, the serpent, could move through solid objects as if they were but a thick mist. Clawscale, the turtle, possessed an incredible amount of agility, able to instantly react to even the slightest provocation. Then, there was Inkscale, who could disappear into the shadows without a sound, and was a master at being unseen. These five soon grew jealous of one another, and decided to wage a war over their homeland to see which of them was truly fit to replace Gekk-va-Ro-Kaa. Each Syr-Xyn (Shadow-Born) amassed an army, and fought against each other for hundreds of years. Finally, all of the Shadow-Born had been defeated save Enderscale and Inkscale. Inkscale grew tired of this endless cycle, and, confident that his prowess in battle far exceeded that of Enderscale, challenged the latter to a duel.

The battle took place on neutral ground, but Enderscale’s accompanying force greatly outnumbered that of Inkscale. It did not matter, though; Enderscale’s allegiance to Gekk-va-Ro-Kaa’s code of honor would force him to submit to Inkscale’s rule in the event of his defeat. Defeat, however, was not an acceptable option for Enderscale.

The fight lasted for two days. Finally, Inkscale held the point of his sword at his opponent’s throat, ready to deal the crippling blow. Enderscale simply smiled and twitched two of his left fingers slightly.

Five arrows whizzed past the position where Inkscale had been standing just moments before. He had been expecting foul play; it was just a matter of time. He did not expect, however, for an entire army to draw their weapons against him.

Flight was the only viable option. Inkscale could hear as his forces fought valiantly to protect his escape. Prayer for them would come later. The lizard knew that he could no longer reside in his homeland. He had to build up an army, hone his skills, and gain a reputation. Then, he would take down Enderscale once and for all.

After a few days of travel, Inkscale finds himself in a small village. Nothing here echoes of his homeland. "Where might this be?" he asks a passerby. "Why, this is Kiwike. New here, I take it?" "Yes," replies the lizard, "But not for long."

*The Gekk tribe believed that their deity existed within them rather than above them.

Physical Condition/Description

Scales colored a brilliant shade of green that perfectly blends in with the shadows; constantly wearing a black leather outfit with a hood to maximize stealth capabilities; 5'6, lean, face that protrudes outward to a significant degree, orange eyes with slitted, misty blue pupils. Constantly in the possession of two daggers crossed within a small X-shaped sheath on his back, secured by leather straps that cross around his chest. Tail covered by sleeve made of the same material as the outfit to avoid detection.

Character Objective

Inkscale wants to take his place as ruler of his still unnamed homeland. To achieve this, it is his goal to train and amass a force of skilled individuals in Kiwike with the intent of assassinating his only remaining rival, Enderscale.