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:The Republic of Helvanthar

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This page is about the old Kiwike 2.0 server and is not in any way related to the current Kiwike servers.

Helvanthar is a nation led by Android24557. The idea of Helvanthar was formed a couple of weeks before 2.0 was released. It was initially proposed by Nfmous, and was going to be led by the two of them but due to nFmous' absence, Android had to take over and run it himself.

Helvanthar is currently the biggest, and the longest lasting nation in Kiwike. It has been standing since the first week of Kiwike 2.0, has trekked through three great wars, as well as The Intentan Scare, and has never fallen.

Helvanthar is mainly located on the continent of Bolivar but has towns spread out over the lands of Kiwike.