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This page is about the old Kiwike 2.0 server and is not in any way related to the current Kiwike servers.
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Mavenholm is the starting city in Kiwike 2.0. The town was originally discussed over the admin forums. It then became reality, with the first builders being the staff, and later on, any and all donors.
The Beginning of Mavenholm.

Ever since it has been created, it has been reffered to as the "Starting city", "Mav", "Maven", and of course, the oh so original "Starting place".

Mavenholm consists of a series of buildings amongst its gigantuous walls, such as the four trade towers, the inn, the pub, and many more.

Among walking mavenholm, you will notice the fountain located in the middle. Searching just around the fountain you will find monument deciated to those that brought out the construction of Mavenholm. It includes our beloved moderators, those that are active players, and those who have dedicated their time to the server.


Mavenholm is located in the center of the Kiwike 2.0 world, it has four entrances and exits, all of which lead to nations that are prospering, and some that have become abandoned.

To the South, you will find Bludwick, the capital of Helvanthar.

To the North, Cornerstone, the capital of the old Cornerstone Empire.

To the West, Cerce, and his castle, the capital of Cerantia.

To the East, the abandoned capital of Tullius, a nation that is now under Helvanthar.

Not only are there this cities in each direction, but there are many more than just those four. There is Geckosquid and his underwater city New Rapture in the east, Dracko to the west, and Midgar to the south.