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Leech, I'm moving this information over to this page: Leech
Please keep your user page OOC and first person.

Alright, Someone had told me in the past that it was all 3rd person, so I'll fix it

Also, please don't delete character pages if they have info they worked hard on. Try to transfer it to their user page (or vice versa), then delete the character page. =)
Edit: Man, I hate to butcher your page, but you can't put OOC stuff like your Shop of Wang on your user page >_<

The user page is for OOC stuff, though, isn't it? And, I did transfer his original page after realizing it was supposed to be 3rd person. Did not delete any pages that weren't supposed to be deleted

Leech that was a proper wiki page even ask Riskae or Ben.~Archibald!

Just wanted to let you know that I'm most likely going to just be adding to the character list. I'll try to keep it in alphabetical order as best I can. I'll add the names, and then I'll do the old copy-paste from the forums so that we can have at least some information on them. They would edit their own stuff if they want to change it, I suppose. ~Cerce