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Forum Announcement: [Updated] The Official Kiwike Rules
07-01-2011, 20:03,
[Updated] The Official Kiwike Rules
Forum rules

1) Don't spam the smilies. One or two per post is enough

2) Try to avoid one word posts or posts with "funny pictures". It's ok to post a meme picture once in a while, but don't over-do it. It just gets annoying, especially when the picture isn't even related to the thread.

3) Search first. Don't post new threads when there is already one thread about the same thing.

4) Do not necro post. Unless it is for a good reason. Don't go posting in old threads and just say "lol that picture was funny". If you feel like you have something to add to the thread, you are free to do so.

5) Accurate thread titles. People want to know what they are looking for.

6) Use decent grammar. Alright, I know English might not be your native language but do not post things like "i lyk this pic a lot lololol its fun". At least try.

7) Stay on topic! Don't start a discussion on something completely irrelevant. Rather make a new thread instead.

Cool Do not advertise other servers. Pretty self-explaining. Go to Minecraft forums if you want to do that. This rule includes the entire website as well as the server chat.

9) Do not use rapidly flashing pictures in your signature or as avatar. If you want to use animated pictures, please refrain from using flashing pictures since it is just really annoying and some people are prone to seizures.

Minecraft server rules

  • 1) Be Mature, aka: "Don’t be a Douchebag"
    • 1.2) Respect Your Fellow Players
    • 1.3) No Flaming
    • 1.4) No Whining
    • 1.5) Respect Staff Decisions

  • 2) No Griefing
    • 2.1) Replace Any Removed Blocks
    • 2.2) Exceptions
      • TNT damage regenerates, so feel free to use it in raids, etc.
      • Ore and ore blocks (iron block, diamond block, etc.) can be stolen
      • When raiding, it is ok to break blocks in order to get into a town/structure or to find hidden chests, but rule 2.1 still applies

  • 3) No hacking or exploiting
    • 3.1) Don’t seek unfair advantages
    • 3.2) No X-Ray texture packs or mods
    • 3.3) No glitching or exploiting of any kind
    • 3.4) No hacking clients or mods that give any advantage (with the exception of minimaps); this includes "lazy" mods

  • 4) Respect the Beauty of Kiwike
    • 4.1) No ugly buildings (think half broken huts out of 10 random materials being abandoned)
    • 4.2) No leaving 1x1 towers around the map

These rules were written with the help of the Moderation Team of Kiwike, under the leadership of Android and Yottabyte.

The last revision of the rules was on October 21st, 2012.