June 2018 Kiwike is dead! But look at the forums for the old world archives!

Welcome to Kiwike.

Kiwike is a 24/7 public Minecraft server.

On the server there are a number of additions you'll find that are not found in normal Minecraft, including:

  • Protected towns
  • Gold based economy
  • That's pretty much it

We have years of experience developing and administrating Minecraft servers and make our own plugins, unique to Kiwike.

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The town system is powered by our custom plugin, known as Territories. The basic idea behind towns is to provide around the clock block protection for players. A town is made up of 16x16 chunks, that can be claimed using gold.

Basic town commands

Command Description
/town ? Ingame command list
/town Show information about your town
/town join [name] Join a town
/town leave Leave a town
/town deposit [amount] Deposit a specified amount of gold into the town's bank account

Plots can be created in towns and sold to individual players. As a plot owner, you have full control over who can do what in the plot. You can also sell it to someone else.

Basic plot commands

Command Description
/plot ? Ingame command list
/plot Show information about the plot you're standing in
/plot buy Buy the plot you're standing in
/plot forsale Set your plot up for sale

To find out more about our town system, read The Guide to Towns.


The economy on the server is based around Gold Ingots.

Gold can be used for town related actions, like buying a plot.

Command Description
/deposit Deposit the gold in your hand into your bank account
/money Check your balance
/money pay [player] [amount] Send money to another player

Chat Channels

To avoid getting the chat too cluttered, we have set up two different chat channels. There's the normal chat, knowns as global on Kiwike. There's also the local chat, where only players within 128 blocks can hear you.

Command Description
/ch l Change chat focus to local. Anything you type will be seen only locally. (128 block radius)
/ch g Change chat focus to global. Anything you type will be seen by everyone. (default)
/g [message] Send a message globally
/l [message] Send a message locally
/msg [player] [message] Send a private message to a player
/reply [message] Reply to your latest private message. /r also works.

That's all for now.

Kiwike is like a living entitity. It changes constantly and forms to what our long established community demands. This simple, close to vanilla server is currently what we offer you!