We have a very basic set of rules for the server. This revision of the rules was last updated in July 2015.

No cheating or exploiting

All hacking clients, X-rays, flying, etc. is strictly not allowed. Any mod that gives you an advantage will get you banned. "Exploiting" means using any glitches that might exist in the game, like duplication of items or seeing through walls.

No griefing

Our definition of griefing is destroying blocks that someone else has placed. Stealing is NOT griefing. Destroying blocks and replacing them the way they were does not count as griefing either. What counts as grief is, of course, ultimately decided by the staff.

No flaming

Flaming, as in, harassing other players. Be nice.

Respect other players and staff

Pretty much the same as above. Even though our server does feature fighting and stealing, we still respect each other.

Respect the environment

We hope to keep the same world for a long time so we are very thankful if you replant trees and don't leave random blocks around. Moderators may remove obtrusive buildings that do not serve a purpose.