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Possible future siege mechanics on Kiwike
07-19-2013, 14:25,
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Possible future siege mechanics on Kiwike
The small council has been discussing ideas on how to make wars and raiding more interesting on the server. We have - what we believe - is a pretty good idea how to make town sieges work. One of the goals with this server is to be open to the community's ideas and transparent in development. So here you go.

The declaration of war

A town ("attackers") can decide to declare war upon another town ("defenders"). One does this by claiming a siege chunk next to the enemy's territory. This costs money. There will be a preparation time of 24 hours for both sides. A monument will spawn in the middle of the siege chunk. This is the core of the siege. The attackers will protect it like it's their first-born child. The attackers build up their defenses in the siege chunk.

The defenders will have a 24 hour period to notice that they are being attacked and alert the other citizens. They can produce armor and weapons, strengthen defenses etc..

The siege starts

After the 24 hours have ended, the siege starts. The defender's goal is to destroy the attacker's monument. The attacker's goal is to defend their monument. (shit this is getting complicated)
There's a limited amount of time for the defenders to destroy the monument.

Scenario: Defenders win

The defending town wins if they manage to break the monument in the siege chunk.
If they win they get the money which the attacking team has spent in creating the siege chunk.

Scenario: Attackers win

The attacking side wins if the defending side fails to destroy their monument within the set time.
If they win, there will be a period (30 minutes?) where they will be able to break blocks in the defending town. This will work like the explosion mechanics, eg. the blocks don't drop and regenerate after some time.

Additional details

The monument has a protected area around it where no one can place blocks, so the attackers can't just place obsidian blocks everywhere for example.

The cost to start the siege varies. Towns can use money to buy war upgrades (these expire after some time though).

Examples of upgrades:
  • Fortified walls - Defending towns can get this upgrade to raise the cost for an enemy town to declare war on them. This means they get more money if they successfully defend their borders
  • Battle boosts - Speed boosts, strength boosts etc. during a siege. Pretty expensive upgrades
  • Monument upgrades - Attackers get a larger monument that takes longer to destroy.


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