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11-05-2012, 14:30,
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Where Tolkien's Middle Earth meets reality in an amazing action packed combat game!

If that sentence intrigued you in the least, you need to go to: dagorhir.com

The website is crap, but if you can see yourself doing it then go find a chapter nearby and hop in on one of their practices. They have groups all over the US and alittle into southern canada. Sorry my friends from that 808 state, theres none there. But you can always start a group if there are none near by. I've joined the unit Gestiguiste in Northern Va, and have been to one event and one practice. Easily the most fun thing I've done all year, and that trumps being in a doorless helicopter flying over lava followed by a zipline trip some 200 ft over waterfalls. Dagorhir is amazing.

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