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Affirmative action in college should be phased out over the next few generations. Affirmative action is the policy of  “leveling the playing field”
Between races genders and ethnicities. If Affirmative action does what is supposed to do and offsets the years of discrimination and the advantages of certain groups over each other, then it should become less used within our society. It is supposed to give an extra boost to those who don’t have the same assets as upper middle class families. It is a generally accepted fact that students with collage educated parents do far better through out their academic career than those without well-educated influences in their lives.

According to the US department of education children with higher educated parents earned greater average reading and mathematics scores on the NAEP test than did children with less well educated parents. If affirmative action is really having an effect on poorer less educated groups of people then a ripple effect should occur. This ripple effect would occur when it is not only the upper class who have well educated parents but all people who work hard get an adequate education. At the point when one or two generations receive the best education available and are able to nurture the growth of their children, affirmative action will become obsolete.

Affirmative action should not be a permanent fixture within our society. If it works, it is taken out of use, if it doesn’t work, then it should be taken out of use. Its use should be discontinued after a certain point because funds appropriated for affirmative action related scholarships could be better used in early childhood and elementary school programs. “Leveling the playing field” at an early age would take the perceived unfairness out of the equation. If everyone growing up has an adequate education, (which can be augmented with well educated parents) the need for the extra boost later in life will not be needed, but instead the most qualified of all races, sexes and ethnicities will enter into higher education.

The use of affirmative action is a very helpful and necessary way to help the less privileged reach their potential. Some people argue that certain people deserve the preference when getting into higher education. After that point, the policy is not serving any purpose. Some argue that affirmative action is taking away opportunities from those who reach the standard requirements. These arguments are valid, but the future will be better with a greater mix of cultures within our universities.

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