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Phalinx Town History
06-23-2013, 04:24,
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Phalinx Town History
The Fall Of Old Phalinx

The first frontier was gone, we had nothing and nowhere to go. Lkjh and the remnants of his once grand army started to consider leaving their homeland. The last remaining general, Seth, made the winning suggestion. He said we should venture to Mechan, a medium sized "island" (really just a section of land surrounded by ocean on three sides and cut off by a river on the last side closest to the tundra's of Ashencrest) and turn our untouched outpost into the new city of the remaining dominion.

Lkjh couldnt bear leaving his grand city that had been crumbling for years under the constant barrage of Helvanthen's attacks and bombardments. Lkjh sat in the highest tower, which was wasn't originally the tallest, it became the tallest when the other's began to fall. He sat there with his city, watching the last of his people leave, including his son Asdf. Asdf, Seth, Asdf's mutant friend Lava, and the remaining warriors and citizens escaped through the eastern wall of old Phalinx and toward their new destination, Mechan.

Once they found their old outpost, and greeted the three gaurds stationed, Asdf began mining. They all began to set up town, and in the center of the town still remains the old outpost, the most lightly touched building in the Helvanthen War, which was abandoned by the Helvanthen's when their home nation was mysteriously destroyed.


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