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attacks and cloud to butt
07-13-2013, 18:22,
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attacks and cloud to butt
The server that Kiwike was running off was attacked last weekend. Massive DDoS attacked directed at a DayZ server whose website I'm hosting. So Kiwike went down. I've already written about the disaster that was on a different website, so I'll just leave it at that.

Then I was changing some domain settings to protect it from further downtime and such. I registered kiwike.se on cloudflare. The problem is, I found this hilarious chrome extension on reddit called Cloud To Butt. So of course I've been using this on my browser. Problem is, it replaced cloudflare with buttflare. I did not notice this as I copied the domain settings. So the kiwike.se nameserver was configured as blabla.buttflare.com. Then I had to leave because vacation. Then I didn't notice the error until I came back today. Lol. Sorry if anyone cried a tear while Kiwike was down. I'll work on getting the Minecraft server back up asap.

kindest regards

07-13-2013, 21:47,
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RE: attacks and cloud to butt

[Image: kLeN8.png]
07-13-2013, 23:23,
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RE: attacks and cloud to butt
(07-13-2013, 21:47)tristo999 Wrote: I CRIED FOR WEEKS

Site was only down for like 5½ days! Calm the jimmies

07-17-2013, 12:36,
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RE: attacks and cloud to butt

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