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Fort Guildenstern [RP Settlement]
07-27-2013, 19:52,
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Brick  Fort Guildenstern [RP Settlement]
Welcome folks! This here is the main thread for the Fort of Guildenstern! As the title claims, this settlement is planned to be for roleplay only! All other activities such as PvP and out-of-character (OOC) transactions are to be prohibited within our territorial limits!

Now, why such a fuss about our quaint town? For roleplay (RP) of course! Kiwike as a server has had a lasting history of being a roleplay oriented server. From light-roleplay in Kiwike 2.0 to serious roleplay in Kiwike Revamped, we've always had a fondness for this theme of gameplay! This project is one of several plans to put an interest in roleplay back into our community!

Roleplay constitutes playing a realistic character within a decided setting. For the purpose of Guildenstern RP, our setting will be a classic medieval settlement, ranging from farming backdrops to the blacksmith's anvil, to noble houses and armed guards. A set build-style will be enforced for the sake of maintaining theme, but character creation has few limits. You may start off as a peasant citizen, but you can be expected to rise through the ranks of the Fort quickly if you show the ambition and skill!

If you wish to join our settlement, send me a PM on the forum and we'll coordinate your entry! Rules, laws, and guidelines for Guildenstern will be posted soon to answer any questions you might have!

Finally, we understand that PvP, raiding and thieving is allowed on this server as a whole, but we ask outsiders and visitors to respect the way we wish to play the game. We are willing to coordinate with other RP'ers that wish to interact with our settlement, but we intend to refrain from OOC conflicts with other towns and individuals.

More will be posted soon so keep your eyes open!

- Crashlander04, project lead.

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