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Poll: Should we do a confession thread?
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Yea seth I wanna hear your dirty secrets and then tell mine!
12 85.71%
No I'm a pussy and want to stay innocent in the eyes of kiwike, even though they all know what I did.
2 14.29%
Total 14 vote(s) 100%
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Confession thread?
09-10-2013, 00:38,
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Tongue  Confession thread?
The apology of nfamous got me thinking, should we all just fess up to all this shit we have done over the past 6 or so generations of kiwike? Can we just let out the hacks and shit we have abused? I would start if some other people would do so as well. It's not like we can be banned anymore anyways! Evil

(08-21-2012, 03:16)Cerce Wrote: Molesting children is just a bonus.
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RE: Confession thread?
I had epic fails with meta gaming when I first arrived, but that's about it (as far as I can remember). That's how I joined my first nation on revamped.


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RE: Confession thread?
I obviously combat hacked so hard no i fucking didnt .
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RE: Confession thread?
I once told my friend where our town was OOC. And he used that information IC to get to me.

pls no call cops

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09-11-2013, 00:25,
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RE: Confession thread?
Allright here we go:

Me and Muffin ended the Raiding Wars because of a bug. I got into a cave underneath Cicatrix looking for hidden entrances, logged out and the next time I logged in I suddenly stood in their treasure chamber. So I called Muffin, replicated the bug a few times and stole everything. Android allowed it as long as he got a part of the loot. After this LittleBlacksomething started a tantrum and quit kiwike, ending the war.

Soon after we split the loot and I proceeded to build 3d models of ponies completely out of diamond and gold blocks untill the end of 2.0.

(10-14-2012, 06:21)sethd13 Wrote: 9/10 actually really liked that <3 party always has good music
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09-11-2013, 01:37,
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RE: Confession thread?
(09-11-2013, 00:25)partyars Wrote: Android allowed it as long as he got a part of the loot

Sounds like Droid

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09-11-2013, 03:55,
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RE: Confession thread?
A good while ago, during the test server, a glitch rendered me invisible, so I spent a good five minutes haunting this guy by opening and shutting doors around him and placing down signs saying things like "Look behind you" and things like that. It ended with me building a wall in front of his house before his very eyes, and he quit the server.

Also, pavja2 is my alt.

09-11-2013, 04:05,
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RE: Confession thread?
guthriearmstrong and guthrie0 were actually the same person all along.
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RE: Confession thread?
oh jeez,
Yea I tried to get xray once because i was poor, couldn't figure out how to install it, so didn't xray.
THE GREAT DUPENING: Yea yoo know how when we all got banned and all our diamonds were taken away after we duped shittons of diamonds in the nether? Yotta only found asdf's chest leaving me, lava, aktrjack, conor, and i think sammie with out fortunes untouched. We slowly leaked them back into the economy by buying a car-wash. lol jk we just fapped to the i think 16 or so double chests that were filled with d blocks. (that was only me and aktrjacks stuff AFTER we reimbursed asdf for taking the fall. that massive obsidian circle was the largest money laundering carwash in the world. Also tried to install nodus, couldnt figure it out. I bad at PC? yus
So in short. Crime does pay, but sometimes you can't use what it pays for fear of the yottaIRS.
(09-11-2013, 03:55)geckosquid Wrote: Also, pavja2 is my alt.
pics or it didn't happen

(08-21-2012, 03:16)Cerce Wrote: Molesting children is just a bonus.
09-11-2013, 15:27,
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RE: Confession thread?
I once tried to download an aimbot because i am/was so bad at pvp. It wouldn't work but i got an arrow aimbot supposedly working. The only problem is that i never saw it work correctly once, it just said it did, so i ended up as bad as i had started, but wasted many hours trying to figure out what the fuck i did wrong, still don't know.

Also, in revamped local chat told you if someone was near to you when you talked. Often times when i was alone, i would chat "hello?" in the chat bar. If it said no one heard anything, i just kept going, but if someone did i would log off for thirty minutes.

Shop abuse was another thing, i would often travel thousands of blocks just to buy diamonds at shops and put in mine for a much higher price. That way no one bought them. Also i happened to have put the shops in a random corner of my town, and they were a bit hard to find.

Also. not sure if this was illegal or not, but i set up an obsidian generator at one point because i had so much redstone. I ended up getting a ton of stacks of them, and i thought that squiggley's nation would build a vault with them, but then everyone in that nation quit.

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