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Three year anniversary!
11-10-2013, 13:53, (This post was last modified: 11-10-2013, 14:40 by yottabyte.)
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Three year anniversary!
Hey everyone! Today is November 10th again. It's been three years since the first Kiwike server was launched. Unfortunately, unlike a year ago, I can't say that the Minecraft server has been running 24/7 since then, but it's over 95% uptime I believe.

Let's go on a nostalgia trip:

Quote:November 2010:
Kiwike launches the first Alpha server, it is really terrible and people are duplicating items everywhere, building houses out of diamond blocks etc. The server is completely vanilla.

December 2010:
After having a bit of a player spike around the start of the server, the server quiets down. We receive our first donation: The player Erooock is kind enough to donate $10 to the server. Server resets quite a lot because of griefers and dupers.

~December 15, 2010:
Kiwike 1.0 launches as Minecraft moves into beta. The server is running WorldEdit and Towny for some basic protection. There's also auctions, iConomy and shops. Item duplication still works for the first week of the server, something that a lot of players abuse unfortunately. Also, Magic carpet.

January 9, 2011:
Lag is getting really bad as the player count increases and our 1 GB RAM server can't handle it very well. After a bit of trouble we move to a new server, and during the downtime chat with players we decide that a new map is due. Bukkit is up and coming and we decide to be one of the first public servers running Bukkit. Meet Kiwike 1.5.

April 2011:
After months of work, the new Kiwike server is ready to launch. Some would say that it's still the most successfull server, and a lot of awesome things happened. The Grand war and the wedding are probably the most significant events.

August 2011:
KiwiShips is released, something that truly made Kiwike unique (and laggy). This plugin was actually planned for a huge update to get player numbers up, but we decided to release it on 2.0 to test it out. The huge update turned into a future project instead..

January 2012:
After being in planning stages behind the scenes for a few months, Kiwike: Revamped is announced and the beta testing starts.

March 31, 2012:
Kiwike: Revamped is finally released and everyone is happy. New world, new plugins, new people.

October 2012:
Revamped activity is starting to fall due to problems with hardcore roleplayers and casual roleplayers. The fact that the wars and the third age are pretty much on ice as the staff works on figuring out how to best deal with them also contributes to the falling player counts.

We decide to stop Revamped and start over on a clean slate, going towards the PvP aspect instead of hardcore roleplay. New Kiwike happens (yes, the name was a parody on the New iPad).

Dunno really. New Kiwike is shut down due to amazing inactivity and a new world is started. Shades of Crazy trilogy is written. Map resets a couple of times.

And then of course, the future of Kiwike. What do guys? Both forums and server have been really inactive recently. Sad

You reckon we should start a new world once again? I want to try the amplified terrain generation. I would also like to have storage protection, because hiding your stuff is way too much effort.

Anyway, happy birthday Kiwike.Grin

EDIT: Also, I hope to upload all the old saves I could find whenever I get my fiber connection next year.

11-10-2013, 16:40,
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RE: Three year anniversary!
A lot of people aren't able to render amplified terrain. Not me, but a lot of people.
11-10-2013, 16:41,
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RE: Three year anniversary!
Three years is a long time.
11-10-2013, 20:46,
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RE: Three year anniversary!
Trying out an amplified map would be fun, I think. In any case, three years is one very big milestone. Hopefully we can make three more, with some activity in there? Smiley

11-10-2013, 22:35, (This post was last modified: 11-10-2013, 22:37 by bvcxzmn.)
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RE: Three year anniversary!
I don't know about anyone else, but I am beginning to miss this part of minecraft (RPing with other people). I'd be up for a new map with amplified terrain, just as long as we don't make the same mistakes we have in the past.


11-11-2013, 00:44,
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RE: Three year anniversary!
I suggest we keep the forums so that the community can stay in touch.
A small server for those who're still interested or those who feel like playing wouldn't be a bad idea though.

You wot?
11-11-2013, 02:26,
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RE: Three year anniversary!
Yay for Weddings!

[Image: sdrg.png]
Now your nightmare comes to life.
11-11-2013, 19:41,
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RE: Three year anniversary!
Even though I'm pretty done with Minecraft, I'd be willing to play on and off if it meant a reunion. I do miss the server, and it'd be great to see people back together again. Except Blackout. Fuck that guy.

11-11-2013, 22:40,
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RE: Three year anniversary!
(11-10-2013, 13:53)yottabyte Wrote: 2013:
Shades of Crazy trilogy is written.

A beacon of light in the grim history of Kiwike.

[Image: 1fhaqh.png]

11-11-2013, 22:52,
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RE: Three year anniversary!
(11-11-2013, 22:40)Crazylol5 Wrote:
(11-10-2013, 13:53)yottabyte Wrote: 2013:
Shades of Crazy trilogy is written.

A beacon of light in the grim history of Kiwike.

Really couldn't of put it more betterly too be honest.


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