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Where's everyone at?
10-16-2014, 22:43,
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Where's everyone at?
Hey everyone, miss you guys Sad

Had some great memories and made some awesome friends on here. I'm just curious where everyone's at right now, how's everyone doin?

Just post whats up with you, the few people that still sometimes check this forum.. KEEP POSTING EVEN IF YOU GET ON HERE A YEAR FROM NOW!

So I'll start Smiley

Right now I'm a senior in high school, recently accepted to texas tech university and awaiting replies from a&m and ut austin to major in biochemistry. It's super exciting but senior year sucks ass with all my buddies who already left for their first year in college, some of which you guys may have met back during the vermillion dominion and tullius days Smiley New job and school, kinda wishing there was a fun little server still going but it sucks that minecraft has lost that old feel we all loved.


10-16-2014, 23:35,
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RE: Where's everyone at?
A thread that could actually be pretty interesting! Laugh

Grats on getting into university! (No idea how difficult it is in the US really, only from android who seems to exaggerate everything)

I'm still in the Swedish equivalent of high school, last year. Senior year is actually pretty chill compared to earlier years. Time flies crazy fast these days. Feels like only a couple months ago I played with y'all on Kiwike before I realize it's more than a year ago we actually had an active server. I've lost interest in Minecraft completely unfortunately. Even stopped watching some Lets plays a few months ago that I've been following for years. So that's a bit sad.

I acquired a CS:GO addiction in the beginning of the year, today I'm celebrating 1000 hours on Steam. I play a lot. And for those curious, I was ranked DMG at the most a few weeks ago.

Next year I'm most likely going to university. Future plans are a bit vague, but I'm probably doing IT (civil engineering) and eventually continue to do a masters in computer science. Fun stuff.

Still unemployed, making a bit of money from my websites and occasional freelancing jobs though so I get around. That Kiwike money would still be nice though (LOL JK GUYS REALLY)

Also I really hate writing paragraphs about myself, makes me feel self obsessed. I'm really not Cry

10-17-2014, 21:16,
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RE: Where's everyone at?
Hey man, put up a kiwike 2.0 type server and let a second admin do all the advertising to get a nice medium sized population going and bam, can be raking in all the dough now that a lot of the older players have money and advertising now a days could attract the more serious players... I be making like more than two times I was at my old job so I got the money to help something like this Smiley

2.0 RULES.

Also thats all pretty sick, good luck on your senior year!

10-21-2014, 01:11,
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RE: Where's everyone at?
I'm also in the last year of Swedish equivalent of high school and I'm currently reading Electrical Engineering with specialization in Automation. I really enjoy planning and programming production processes. There is something very satisfying about seeing something dead, for example a robot, come to life and you know you did that. After school I don't know. The job market for my line of work is very lucrative. I'm almost guaranteed to get a job. I can always go to a university later.

Been thinking about moving to Norway too. I got a friend who got a sweet gig going there. Work 3 months on an oil platform and be off duty for 3 months. All dat oil monie pay well.

But if I do decide to keep studying, I will aim for a Master of Science in Engineering (At least I think that's the correct term in English. School systems are confusing.)

This might have been more about my future than the present but hey, isn't high school all about gearing up for the future?

Other than that, I still play games I suppose. LoL is my jam but me and my group of friends often find other multiplayer games we play temporarily. Also no interest in Minecraft whatsoever here.

Also grown a mustache, so I got that going for me, which is nice.

(10-16-2014, 23:35)yottabyte Wrote: Also I really hate writing paragraphs about myself, makes me feel self obsessed. I'm really not Cry

Same! Law of Jante in action I suppose.

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10-22-2014, 06:21,
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RE: Where's everyone at?
(10-21-2014, 01:11)MainDigger Wrote: Also grown a mustache, so I got that going for me, which is nice.

I'm jealous, everything just grows so patchy for me Sad fucking genetics man

10-23-2014, 14:33,
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RE: Where's everyone at?
I'm going for my third year of high school in the USA. I'm trying to focus on technology and coding classes where i can learn to hopefully make games. Im already applying for some colleges because this is one thing i don't want to procrastinate about.

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10-23-2014, 16:58,
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RE: Where's everyone at?
(10-21-2014, 01:11)MainDigger Wrote: Norway

Add me on skype: lordgodfrey11
10-25-2014, 02:05,
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RE: Where's everyone at?
I'm studying law at Cambridge, it's my first year.

About it.
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RE: Where's everyone at?
I'm a junior in high school now, so I've got this year and then next year before college. Mostly just hanging been playing video games and chilling with wtyuio, thornax, and squiggley1, and I'm pretty damn unsure of what I want to do in the future. I'll probably go with teaching elementary or high school honestly, but I'm not quite sure about anything just yet. I'd really like to get into computer science, but programming languages are really, really, really overwhelming to me, oddly. I otherwise love computers and I'm pretty proud of how efficient I am with them (maybe that'll set me apart from other teachers, haha.)

As unsure as I am with everything in life, I feel like I've got a lot going for me, so as long as I keep my head above the murky waters of IB, I should be a-ok.

((I'm also still browsing these forums, so there's a somber omen Tongue.))
10-28-2014, 06:20,
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RE: Where's everyone at?
Still in Michigan. Studying prerequisites at Saginaw Valley State University. Working at a hotel still. Thaaat's about it Tongue

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