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Asdf's Minecraft Server
04-01-2016, 07:24,
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Asdf's Minecraft Server
Hey guys, long time since I seen any of y'all! Hope everyone been doing well!

I have recently bought a server (very small, fits up to 18 people ran on small server). It was cheap and I regret nothing. Right now I've just been messing around getting some plugins installed and setting up some things but so far its looking good. Towny and an economy using gold has been set up. Simple plugins are on, chestshops, that gate plugin we all loved on kiwike, and a few other small things.

Its primarily just been my old friends playing as well Lavaaaaaaa and his friends from where he lives now. I have a small town set up and slowly been working on and he has his own that him and his friends have been working on.

Anyway, its really small and kind of just a test, if it goes well this summer I will make it public and try to get more players online, but right now its just something kind of fun to do when we have free time away from classes and work.

If you want to hop on and have some fun on Minecraft 1.9 then you're welcome to play with us! IP:

(no i will not spawn you in anything, this is supposed to be kind of RP)

04-01-2016, 17:14,
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RE: Asdf's Minecraft Server
yotta he's trying to steal your playerbase
04-01-2016, 18:07,
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RE: Asdf's Minecraft Server
wow nt get banned faggot

06-01-2016, 03:11,
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RE: Asdf's Minecraft Server
Jokes on y'all, Squiggels just logged in! Unfortunately I was AFK...

I have put the server public and made some posts about it on a few websites, not much of a player base rn as to be expected but I'm hoping it'll slowly rise.

Come hop on and build a nation!

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RE: Asdf's Minecraft Server
I just hopped on, and im really enjoying playing minecraft again. Asdf, you're castle is pretty cool, but more people need to get on so it's populated!
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RE: Asdf's Minecraft Server
So far I've been really happy with how it's going! It's slow getting new random players to join but there have been a few groups that are forming. As of now there's almost always someone online.

If anyone wants to hop on and join I'm a pretty helpful admin Smiley

I think right now we have about 3 really active locations. It's interesting seeing how the towns are being formed, its just like Kiwike, poorly designed towns that don't allow for people to have their own private plots but still look nice, and then I have my town that I've created that's basically your typical towny town from the kiwike era.

Also if anyone has ideas on how to advertise and get those new players please let me know!

(also if you do hop on anybody can use /home and /sethome, however there is a 2 hour cooldown to use /home, just so you don't die and lose everything too early on)


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