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[Recruiting] New Foundry
04-07-2011, 18:06,
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[Recruiting] New Foundry
As 2.0 approaches and Kiwike moves to a dedicated server I think it is time that I start thinking in a grander scale. The work to forge a legitimate town cannot be done by one Roadbuilder, so I will be looking for like minded individuals to help in the development of an RP only zone.

I have plans for private mines, farms and Defenses. Those that choose to settle in the lands far far from civilized society will find a peaceful place with abundant resources and trade. A few other projects I have in mind as well, secrets I will only reveal to Townfolk.

I can really use the help and am looking for MATURE players that wish to RP the building of a center for trade and Roleplay.

The journey to New Foundry will be a difficult one. Only the bravest and hearty of folks can survive so far out in the wilds. The town is carved from the side of a huge Mountain range and over looks the giant Quarry.

A sewer system will be implemented as well as large fields for farming.

New Foundry will remain neutral and have no nation affiliation. The town will be the main home for the Roadbuilders, as they are the protectors of the city they may have some say in the development of the city planning.

A "Mayor" will be elected as soon as population reaches a point that elections can be held. The Mayor become a sort of "Project Leader." He will develop a project that the other towns-people will help complete. When the project is complete another election will be held and the process repeats itself. These can be vast projects: Irrigation systems, Sewers, Minetracks, Mob-Traps, Defenses and so on.

Please include the following application with your reply.

How long have you been playing RPG's and Minecraft?

What is your RP experience level?

How often can you play?

Are you willing to help on the overall developement of a town over your own personal wealth? and Why

Are you willing to take constructive criticism and change a structure for the betterment of the whole?

Are you willing to work with others and peaceful resolve situations?

-Master Stone Cutter-
-The Roadbuilders-

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