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Where's everyone at?
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RE: Where's everyone at?
I'm in freshman year of college at New Mexico Tech (aka college of the super-nerds) studying mechanical engineering. I've finally found a math class which challenges me Smiley. I just got my mother board back from warranty replacement after it broke a month and a half ago. I'm very glad I invested in a gaming laptop for college. I got lucky with my roommate and one of his close friends is a clone of me. My clone's parents are looking into buying a house right next to campus, so I'm excited to have my own room again in the coming months.

On the topic of gaming, I've been playing a lot of Asetto Corsa, Pokemon Heart Gold, and some Planetside 2 recently. Over the past 8 days I have watched the first 120 episodes and 2 movies of Pokemon (pokemonepisode.org)... I'm doomed... Also, I'm a little too overly hyped about Star Citizen...


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RE: Where's everyone at?
i make gfuckcing mgfames for my study!!!`1111

also i play some

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RE: Where's everyone at?
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PS. lemme get a piece of that soft anus.

PPS. still in college

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RE: Where's everyone at?
I completely botched my game dev course in college (crippling alcoholism and others) so now I'm in another college studying applied informatics.

I don't game all too often anymore, I played archeage for a bit but lost my patron so I don't play untill i decide to pay for it again.

I guess I stopped being a brony. I just lost interest and didn't bother anymore.

Nowadays I spend my time either in college or at a bar getting drunk or at one of those underground Goa parties mixed out the back of a car somewhere in a shady forest at night.

(10-14-2012, 06:21)sethd13 Wrote: 9/10 actually really liked that <3 party always has good music
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RE: Where's everyone at?
ok, you should probably get help.

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RE: Where's everyone at?
Holy shit this is one Hell of a nostalgia trip.
Things that have happened to me in the past year or two/my current life.

- I started a cult.
- I started singing a lot more.
- I might possibly want to devote my life to music.
- Bipolar Disorder is a thing.
- The color blue.
- Figured out I'm gay.
- Pretty much become Wallace Wells.
- Doing shit in school but that's always been the case.
- Etc. Etc.
(11-18-2014, 15:40)spenboy Wrote: ok, you should probably get help.

Also, Partyars do get help. You're young and you still have time to piece things back together, don't let this ruin things for you.

You wot?
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RE: Where's everyone at?
I've also built a server. PM me on the forums if ya wanna check it out, It's gonna be up officially today or tomorrow.
11-23-2014, 23:24,
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RE: Where's everyone at?
Ey whatup dawgs? Pretty sweet to hear from all of you guys, I miss the days of 2.0 and revamped beta. Nowadays I'm a junior in highschool with Guthrie0 and wtyuio and squiggley1, doing alot of work with IB and the like. I'm thinking alot about colleges and looking at Quaker colleges like Swarthmore and Haverford. Otherwise I play absolute shitloads of Magic: The Gathering and play the banjo. Great to hear from you guys!

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11-25-2014, 19:46,
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RE: Where's everyone at?

I've been around a little bit, but mostly I've moved on to another gaming community. After Minecraft, I played Planetside 2 competitively, making it into several Sony Online Entertainment sponsored events and tournaments. Slowly my interest in that game dwindled, and now I kind of just float, hopping into that or anything else that piques my interest. Outside of my life on the computer, I'm currently a seventeen year old male in my last year of Highschool. Hoping to move on next year to Rochester Institute of Technology in upstate New York for a bachelors degree in Game Design and Development. Other than that, life flows on as usual.
11-26-2014, 02:18,
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RE: Where's everyone at?
I'm late to the party, but I'm doing this anyways. Freshman at Oberlin College set to major in Archaeology and Anthropology with a minor in Classics. Found the love of my life, graduated from Minecraft to Dragon Age, and most importantly, my voice dropped.


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