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Rolling Updates (changelog)
08-07-2013, 03:14,
Post: #11
RE: Rolling Updates (changelog)
This is all pretty much just preparations for the market system
  • Economy now allows decimal numbers
  • Towns can set their sales tax. This tax will be charged when a town resident sells something on the market. Default is 10%
  • Probably some more changes to Territories that i can't remember.
  • Increased view distance for nearby players. You can now see players up to 64 blocks away from you.

08-11-2013, 22:04,
Post: #12
RE: Rolling Updates (changelog)
  • Migrated economy plugins again. This time from iConomy to Fe. From my tests, Fe is about 100% faster than iConomy.
  • Made a little dirty fix for getting stuck in portals in protected areas. Relogging will do some magic and let you teleport back through the portal.
  • Added a /nobed command. Use this when standing on your bed spawn point to reset your spawn. Useful if you have slept in a bed that you cannot break.

08-12-2013, 21:20,
Post: #13
RE: Rolling Updates (changelog)
  • Added SWAGMarket, new plugin!
  • Modified monster spawn rates. Hopefully no more long nights without seeing a single monster.

08-13-2013, 15:38,
Post: #14
RE: Rolling Updates (changelog)
  • You can no longer break monster spawners at all. They are very rare blocks, especially blaze spawners. Light them up if they annoy you. If you really need to break a spawner, message an admin about it.
  • Going onto the roof of the nether will automatically get you killed. No item refunds.

08-13-2013, 22:18,
Post: #15
RE: Rolling Updates (changelog)
  • Fixed a bug that let towns set sales tax to over 100%
  • Farmland can no longer be trampled unless the player has build permission in the area

07-13-2015, 18:10, (This post was last modified: 07-13-2015, 18:14 by yottabyte.)
Post: #16
RE: Rolling Updates (changelog)
This thread needs to be used once again!
  • Extended view distance from 10 to 14.
  • World has been expanded to 1200x1200!
  • Tweaked anti-xray settings
  • Removed a town that had been financed by cheaters

07-15-2015, 00:50,
Post: #17
RE: Rolling Updates (changelog)
  • Fire spread has been disabled because people are stupid
  • Explosions no longer affect blocks in protected town areas
  • Lowered viewing distance again, attempting to tackle the weird lag on player connect.

Apologies to you guys who were affected by the problems with explosions in towns and fire spreading! Let's hope not too much of value was lost. Now we can all be friends.

07-19-2015, 17:53, (This post was last modified: 07-19-2015, 18:01 by yottabyte.)
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RE: Rolling Updates (changelog)
  • New server hardware! More powerful CPU, more RAM and SSD! Sick.
  • Revised rules will now be fully enforced. Griefing will not be tolerated.
  • Town/wilderness notifications now appear in the middle of the screen for a short moment instead of cluttering the chat.
  • Improved the world border to use the new 1.8 visible border

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