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Where's everyone at?
08-16-2016, 22:24,
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RE: Where's everyone at?
Hi guys, been a while. I don't pop in to look at this forum very often anymore, I don't even remember seeing this thread last time I was here Tongue

Anyway, I'm 17 and going into my senior year of high school here in the US. No idea what I want to do or where to go for school after that, but hopefully I'll get that figured out by the end of the year. I've had a driver's license for over a year now and I drive a lovely '98 Saab 900 SE convertible, it's my pride and joy and the best Swedemobile I could have asked for, I've been pouring tons of my time into trying to get it to look and function as close as possible to original condition, which has been both insightful and fun. I've made a lot of friends recently as well, and it's been loads of fun spending time with them throughout the year. Every week it seems like I spend less time at my computer than I did the one before, but that's probably for the best in all honesty since I really ought to be focusing on finishing up with boy scouts before I turn 18 and age out, and on school once that starts. No luck with the ladies, I'm still an awkward, quiet nerd of a man-child and despite my best efforts things just haven't panned out, but I'm not in a rush to have any more serious responsibilities. On another note, I still talk to Tcaillet and Sethd, mostly for Arma 3 and Dota, and I do still play a lot of games. I recently hit 1,000 hours on Crusader Kings 2, and I've been playing the hell out of all sorts of other games as well. If you're looking for something cheap, fun, and total eye candy, both the Banner Saga currently released are amazing.

Anyway, good to see people still stop in here to say hi and talk once in a while, this community has been a big part of everyone's life and I'm glad I was here for a lot of the memorable moments and people.

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RE: Where's everyone at?
I want to add to this, but not much has changed since my last post 2 years ago.
I'm a junior now, instead of Heart Gold I'm playing Alpha Sapphire, I've moved into the house my friend bought, and I still browse these forums more often than rational... Oh, and I'm building a go kart from scratch, that's fun.


08-24-2016, 00:33,
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Smile  RE: Where's everyone at?
We need pictures of that Saab and Go Kart. Wtf guys.Facepalm

Hey, I haven't actually posted what I've been up to! That's bonkers.

I graduated high school. I continued playing a lot of CSGO. Was global for a while. Now supreme. Mostly play faceit these days, or trolling around with lower ranked friends on one of my dozens of smurf accounts.Embarrassed

I started university and moved out. Studying software engineering. It's pretty alright.

Got a part time job as a consulting web developer. Pretty great, relaxed company. Met a lot of cool people.

That was a year ago. Now I'm quitting that job because the web development we were doing was starting to turn into a repetitive chore. Yuck.

Oh also I've been playing Pokemon Go. I made this website for that game. So yeah, Valor 4 lyf.

And then I started working part time at Tesla this month. I get to drive cool cars. It's fun. Smiley

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RE: Where's everyone at?
Well, my past years haven't really turned out how I imagined. The plan was to move cross country to attend university and study mechatronics engineering.

Then about a year ago dad got diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer. So I still live at home. Just spending time with him and doing all the work around our estate since he's too weak right now. So my life is basically paused until that situation is resolved, some way or another.

Although I do of course work meanwhile. No clue what the title is in English but basically I'm an automation electrician. Building and installing electrical cabinets for several different industries. Also doing novice level robot programming which is fun. Really enjoying my job actually. It's like Lego Technic for adults and I get paid. Will probably move on to a pure programming role soon but it's good to know how all the stuff looks in real life too.

Also, I agree with yotta. We're gonna need pictures of stuff. I'll start.

My Volvo S60 2,5T. Chipped up to about 250hp so it's fun enough to drive up here in the Västra Götaland hills.

[Image: getYsHd.jpg]

Might be bad manners to just post pictures straight in the thread but I dunno
08-25-2016, 06:16,
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RE: Where's everyone at?
Wow, popped in for the first time in months and there's finally some recent posts.

I'm 20 now, going into junior year as an Archaeological Studies major at Oberlin College. Worked the summer as a barista, became a student member of the Explorers Club in NYC, arts editor for the school paper, and am gonna take a semester in London this spring. Wrote a book and two novellas, built a sweet rig and got obsessed with the Witcherverse. Most importantly, can grow a pretty rugged beard.

Miss the hell out of this place. Obviously impossible to recreate, but that's what made it so great. Hopefully some more of us will see this, it's pretty great to read these.

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RE: Where's everyone at?
It's me car!
[Image: yEIRD2d.jpg]
Like main, it has been tuned to ~250hp. Too bad you don't live close, a race would be fun.

And here is the first test of the structural integrity of the go kart:
[Image: IMG_20160627_194945.jpg]
Yes, that is what I look like, get over it. This was a few months ago, now it has rear wheels and a plywood seat. Brakes are coming soon. It is just as dangerous as it sounds going down the hill next to my house.


08-29-2016, 22:19,
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RE: Where's everyone at?
I'm in rehab.

(10-14-2012, 06:21)sethd13 Wrote: 9/10 actually really liked that <3 party always has good music
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08-31-2016, 21:39,
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RE: Where's everyone at?
Haha, that gokart looks fun as all hell Laugh

Sucks to hear about your dad Main. Good on ya staying with him.

Gecko with a beard? wtf is the world

Damn party, hang in there buddy!

Great to hear from u lads. Keep it up, proud of you

01-13-2017, 23:29,
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RE: Where's everyone at?
Always interesting to hear from y'all, sounds like life is going pretty full swing for everyone these days. I'm 20 these days, still attending university in good ole Texas for Business and a minor in Chinese. I hope to study for a summer semester in China this year in Beijing or Shanghai. Just added a second ISP monitor to my setup, mostly playing king of the kill and other shitty games these days.

My minecraft server over the summer died out Sad actually had a few people from here get on, spencer and some of his friends, was pretty fun! Although minecraft really just isnt the same these days, quite tragic.

Hope everyone has a great 2017!!

03-31-2017, 10:39,
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RE: Where's everyone at?
College has been fun

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